We can show you our solution working in real time, managing the day to day operations of our own affiliate and many happy clients.


The RSS System has been built by a team of money transfer experts and an in-house IT team with previous experience in the sector. And we are constantly making RSS better!


The RSS Core is designed to integrate in a central hub the functionalities of the system and connect with our modules or any system & APIs that you need.


Are you brand new and want to start building your company from the ground up? Are you in need to update your patched-up system before it collapses?  We will work with you in making technology your best investment.

Welcome to RSS

About Our Company

RSS Remit Solutions is a company headquartered in Guatemala, Central America, the country with the highest increase in remittances in the region for the past several years. Using that expertise, we built the system building our own money transfer company, Red Chapina, a very successful money transmitter, and began offering the RSS System when we knew that we had the most advanced, robust but easy to use system in the market. Three years later, we have large networks and banks using our system. Be the next one!

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Main Benefits of our REMIT Software Solution


Industry Experience

We are not software developers. We are industry professionals that teamed up with the best IT experts in the field, with previous financial industry experience, to bring you the best system in international transfers.

Brilliant Team

We have the best of both worlds. International Money Transfer experts coupled with the best IT minds that we could have. And we teamed up to create RSS.

Customizable Settings

We hated when we worked with systems where any change in regulation or company policies required extensive changes in databases or complex code development so we made RSS as easy to customize by the end-users as possible and use simple tools for a more intricate adaptation.

Easy to use

RSS is easy to use and to love. That is one of our main goals: be as user friendly as we could. Besides, we are the only company where you can train your employees, previous to launching (or not) in our affiliate, current working RSS-enabled operation.

Cost Effective

Cost of Systems are always difficult to predict. We know that from experience. That is why we built our RSS Engagement Process to make sure you have a claer and transparent path to budget the solution you want… and keep us in check. Talk to us.

Always Up-to-Date

when we housed RSS in AWS cloud platform, we were not looking only for the most advanced computer power, database storage, content delivery or scalability but the option to keep all our RSS installations up-to-date. No more outdated systems.


The RSS System was built with traceability at its core. Every transaction, every activity, every addition, change, update is kept in an easy, at-hand log where authorized employees can see the full sequence of time-stamped events. No one has this.


Because we will make sure that RSS is the system you want, before trying to convince you that we are the best solution for you.
If you are a start-up, RSS will help you compete & perform in no time and will help your team become masters in the sector. You company can train employees in our affiliate operating company with live RSS operability. No one does that.
If you are an organization using an outdated system, you can see the system performing in our affiliate operating company with live RSS operability. You will decide for yourself if RSS is the system that you need. Your employees can be train prior to having your system in operation. No one does that.
Transparency is one of our key beliefs. What you see is what you get. And if we have to build something specially for you and for the way you organization wants it, we will make sure we can do it and we will discuss with you the dos and don’ts. We know the industry. We will give you sound opinions.
We will avoid system replacement chaos. If you are operating, the RSS Core will be the first system in place. From there, we will attach all the modules that are currently functioning with your system preventing the operating chaos that happen with most new systems integration. We can save you time, money and pain.